Feedback on my building

So i just made this building, how does it looks? Its not the best


This is overall a pretty decent build. If you’re on the newer side to building, this is pretty good.

If not, I can’t really recommend much since it looks pretty simple… And maybe a little bland? Although, the color scheme fits well together. Very nice.

Things I can recommend are adding some kind of depth or shading to the walls… Since they look pretty plain. For the inner-section, that grass thing hanging on the wall doesn’t really hit my appeal. Maybe just me.

Keep up the great work! :smiley:


Yeah im new to building, also thank you for your feedback. I will try to improve my building a bit

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Looks really good! Goes very well with the lighting. The only thing bugging me is the green texture on the 4 pillars. They dont go too well with the theme but good job!

Very cool for an beginner in building, but there are some points that i would like to say, so you can improve. Like, there is so much desarmony with the normal blocks and the free models, you should start trying to create the free models you use in your blocky and simple style, or you can modify the free models, just to begin, then after time you will be able to make your own models easily