Feedback on my Café/Hangout game

So, in early January of 2021, I started working on a hangout game. Now, for long term I have no goal of making a bunch more of these games, they are just a good way for me to practice building. I have provided some photos of the inside of my game.
-I’m trying to make my game easy to move in and easy to add new buildings in later.
-I feel like there is something missing and I don’t know what. A design flaw, a problem in architecture, the terrain?
-I have learned how to use 3D text and trees with the paint tool. I still feel like somethings weird and/or missing or wrong.

What do you guys/gals think could be the problem?


This is actually really nice, though your terrain looks a bit flat, and under-detailed. try turning on Future Lighting, and Enter your Roblox Studio Settings > Quality Level > 21

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Not bad! It seems kind of cramped but I think it’s just through the images.

I also believe this is supposed to be in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations .

Hi, nice showcase especially the Mountains, if I had done that I would have a heart attack but I think you should Fix the lighting (add blur, bloom, color correction, depth of field, change the lighting to future, and I personally put my Shadow softness to 100 but that might just be me and Outdoor ambient is also important) It will make your game look better and smoother so the objects dont have that weird effect on them and in the Terrain try to add rocks with the Terrain Tool and lower the snow in front of the Coffe shop or maybe you did that on purpose and the Pathway to the coffee shop use dirt or a concrete part so it looks more normal (Probably should fatten the entrance but again might be on purpose), and I dont know what is wrong with the road but that might be on purpose again and the lake looks too thick, and make the trees more random meaning different rotations and sizes, and also to make it look more natural is to add bumps like use the grow tool and that small change will make it look better but other than that I like it a lot good luck on future projects.

Never use Bloom, or Blur with Depth-Of-Field, It’s both in one. Your game would look really distorted if you did

Looks really good! Most cafe games I have played (being 3) it looks 20x better! Some of the chairs are facing the opposite way of what way the should be facing, but other then that, nice work!

depends how much you use of all of them

Pretty nice creation, only note is the outside look but you asked about the Cafe. As far as it goes for that, it’s pretty well-done. I like the cozy look of it. Though, the only note about it is maybe the Chairs you’ve put near the “bar” and only one of the chairs near the window.
The chairs near the “bar” would probably look nicer if they were stools.
The chair near the window is facing the wrong way of the table(The first one on the right in the 4th picture) :laughing:
But that’s about it, other than that I like it.

I had a problem with Future lighting. It made certain areas of the café really dark and the wood really shiny. Is there a way to fix this in the lighting area? I haven’t actually played with lighting a lot in my time as a developer.