Feedback on my Cafe Uniform

Would love some feedback for my Cafe Uniform. This is my first ever uniform and I am very proud of it.
Both shirt and pants are made by me


I like them but what I think could be cool if you added the logo on the chest of the shirt. Just a idea. Looks good.


I considered adding the logo but our logo is like a render. I thought of adding the iconic K that symbolizes our group, Kopa but I decided not to so that I could keep it clean.
Thanks for your feedback.

For the first time making a uniform that is great! I would say that it looks a little plain but the thing is that plain color I really like on your character! I was also looking at your group and I LOVE the render logo! I wish you the best of luck with your Cafe!

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Ah, thank you so much for your constructive criticism. If you look a bit closer, there is some shading, it isn’t just a plain color but the shading is a bit too transparent, which is something I’ll work on.
Thank you so much for your feedback regarding my group too, it’s much appreciated.

You are so welcome!

If you want a darker shading template here’s one I have that I use on most of my clothing:
Not sure if this is the one you use or not, but it does give a nice shading to my colors (except for white, the white clothing looks terrible in this shading).

Here are two good examples of clothing I made with this shading:

Of course, if you don’t think the shading looks that good then I would not suggest using it, but it’s just my little offer!

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Thanks so much for that! It’s a bit too dark and theres a bit too much shading, and I personally like to do all the shading myself so I can decide where each crease should go, but thank you for the offer!!

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It’s nice!
I advice adding a pocket and a logo on the front side of the pocket.