Feedback on my cafe

Hey developers!

My team and I are designing a cafe for our upcoming cafe group project. I’ve asked my team for insights and looked at different builds to get some inspiration. I’ve come to ask for more opinions about this build. If you wish to feedback on everything overall (build, UIs, and other things) that would be great. I would like as much harsh criticism as possible.

Here is the link to the place: 🍦Milkjam Creamery - Roblox

For those who don’t have the time to visit, I have provided some pictures!

chen#0072 is my contact info for anything! :smile:


This cafe was exceptionally made. From the eye-catching GFX to the builds, I enjoyed my visit. However, I suggest that you add a music mechanic to the cafe to compliment the overall design and the song request system; add a default playlist. Additionally, whilst testing on an iPad, the UI text was too large; it extended past said UI. You should use a UITextSizeConstraint to fix this issue. Make some building fixes such as misplaced furniture and other minor aspects.

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The merch store at the very spawn has honestly made me giggle. Using the airport method for plugging merch is REALLY unpopular and, surprisingly, it’s one of the most effective ways of plugging stuff. The things I’d change is the sign since it’s not really readable. There’s also too much red brick. I’d put concrete on the floor if I were you.

The table here seems really out of place so I’d suggest adding something here or even removing it from here.

The sign here blends in too much with the background so I’d recommend you change the color of the “Milkyjam” sign.

The entrance is barely visible so people might get confused on where you go inside so I’d recommend moving it from the side to the curved part of the building or making the path to the entrance different.

Pretty much same thing as the table I mentioned earlier.


I’d put on some clothes for this fella. No need to get banned for nudity :eyes:

This may confuse some players. It’s an entrance to an underground club but there’s no info on that? Also, small note that might save you in the future: Clubs aren’t really welcomed on Roblox so you might want to replace that with something more child-friendly.

Once more, not child-friendly. I suggest renaming it to something else that wouldn’t get you potentially banned.


I love the aesthetics of most of the place. Could use some more lightning touch but it looks fine as it is now. There’s definitely some restructuring that you need to do but it’s not that bad. I tested it on a high-end laptop so I can’t really say if it would lag or not but there’s a potential that some players might lag a little. Good job with the cafe and good luck!


Thank you for reminding me about the Top 10 Donators billboard characters without clothes, still trying to figure out the issue on why it doesn’t load sometimes for people, hmm.


The texture of the wall and floor are the same and so is the color, it looks odd. In the clothing store.

You can use a 3D Letter plug-in for this or make it look better by hand, the “E” looks especially peculiar. You can tell what’s wrong with the “L”.
There seems to be a lot of overlapping parts (I’ll showcase a few)
The roof should be longer for this; (Excuse my lack of proper terminology)
You have this very bright and glowing club here, so these seem out of place (plants);

Also I think the red brick doesn’t match the color scheme of the pastel-ish and neutral colors looking cafe. It’s a pretty good build and design besides that.


The café itself is not bad. Just maybe add more colors instead of red brick and grey. You could add like a design or something. But nicely done.


Thank you! What would you recommend to replace the red color?

I like the atmosphere. The colors blend nicely and it really does feel like part of a breach resort.

The hot air balloons are great - maybe make them slowly float up and down?

There should be a shorter access way to the track on the island opposite to the main cafe, in my opinion.

The ocean could use some expansion, it looks too small and feels too constricting. It would also pave way for water-related activities!

Brick shouldn’t be the only exterior material. Having the lower half be a smoother material would add some contrast. A custom brick texture might serve you better than the default material.

The furniture looks modern and puts attention to the building. However, the interior does feel a bit empty.

The Club Jam wallart could be replaced with a custom logo, but besides that I like the room - especially how it’s grounded in reality with the support truss on top.

Some smaller distant islands might be nice - it would give players something to do once they finish their food.

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Do you have any possible recommendations of different types of furnitures I should add to the interior parts? I kinda got into the habit of copy and pasting because I lacked ideas.

Beanbag chairs, sofas, etc. would work. Some rugs or carpets might break up the floor nicely.

I think you should change the texture itself too unless you implement some brick into the cafe walls. Maybe some colors near the grey-ish area. Also try concrete (if it does look bad, you can just keep it as it is.)

Good idea! I have Bloom but it doesn’t really show so I’ll adjust it so it looks better.

Made some major changes in the cafe. If anyone could give me more insight, that would be great.

I find it different and unique. Thats really what makes Roblox places special. Thank you for contributing to the diversity of games, just like old Roblox games. Continue to make projects that are special to you, and I’m sure you will be a very welcomed member. :slight_smile: