Feedback on my Cafe

Hello guys! I’m new to the DevForums and I’ve enjoyed scrolling through looking at your builds! Now I’m asking you guy’s to give me some feedback if you’d like to on my cafe. If you don’t want to that’s fine!

  1. How can I improve what I built?

  2. How much can I sell it for?

  3. My discord is AbolishedAlex#3517 if you need to contact me!

Pictures :


Overall, it looks solid.


You should consider adding a trail on the grass because it’s still a little detail that can enhance your game’s quality. Also, considering the realism, which kind of cafe would be built on a stranded island? I suggest rebuilding the environment because you know, it makes your cafe look a bit unrealistic.


You should start off with building some furniture and adding lights so that your build doesn’t look empty. Right now, it’s like a cake without any fillings or cream.


I’m not sure how much an average cafe builds costs, but I would say that this build would go under 3.5K+ considering that it lacks interior.

Keep up with your great work!


Thank you so much for the feedback! This is about my fourth month developing, I’m self taught no videos or anything!

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I see a brighter future of yourself as a builder, especially if you’re a self taught developer who produced this quality of work. Good job!

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Looks good. It’s pretty empty on the inside so you should put some furniture. And the grass part is a little bit plain to look at, so you should add more decorations to it. But overall the cafe looks great, I would say you could sell it for about 2K - 5K robux. Great build!


I’d say it looks amazing. My suggestion: just fill the house with house equipment and make inside rooms more decorated. Anyways this house can be easily sold for 2.5k robux. :herb:

Trees need to improve it those look like the trees from 2015 or something we need tree meshes
Or something to make it more fitting

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Add items inside, these could include chairs, tables, kitchen items, bar, etc.
  • Trees, scrubs, path, small streams, etc.
  • Different variety of colour, needs to appeal the eye.

Current pricing:
2.5k - 3k.