Feedback on my cafe

Hello! I’ve been working on a café lately and I’d like some developer feedback on it! It took me about 2 days to do.


I am currently playing it and will respond on the quality soon.

Overall this cafe is good but could use some improvements:
Starting off the doors and windows have the perfect transparency as you can see through them whilst knowing they are there.
The window frames have such a good 3D look.
That column draws the room together making it fell as if the space is not there. Also, the bricks look so realistic.
The background theme really gives the cafe a slow vibe.
The tables bottoms have such a thick look it makes the tables feel modern(Same for the accents)
The accents around the room are made of such distinctive colors and textures it makes it feel as if the wall is even more 3D.
The marble top of the counter slightly extending over this side is perfect.
Every text font suits the cafe but my favorite is 100% the Rainy cafe sign as the thin neon line makes this feel like a down town cafe.
The lighting and blur give of a dim yellow light that complements the walls very well.
The windows having A different texture make them so much better.
The chairs and sofa actually work.
Finally the mix of red and blue fire from the candles is perfect to bull the tables together
First I would recommend capitalizing your title.
It is fine the door is locked as it gives the player one area to explore however if you look through the door and tilt your camera empty space can be seen.
My Roblox character is on the short side but I cannot see over the counter also I have to jump to get over it.
The walls have some amazing fonts and text but maybe some urban neon signs and pictures could be displayed so the walls feel less barren.
Stools could be added to the bar.
This is just my personal preference however I feel as if the ceiling texture could be changed.
Finally the tables feel repetitive so maybe add different numbers of chairs at different angles or maybe think about adding clutter objects on the tables and counter.

I hope this helps!


Things I really enjoy about it is the warm-vibe it gives off, and I really enjoy the lighting that you implemented. It looks really good for a cafe.

Some things I would change though is I would maybe put some things on the counter, and I would also capitalize the title of your game. Just to make it seem more… Well I can’t find the word for it, but I think you know what I mean. :slight_smile:

Keep up the really great work!

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It looks very vivid and modern. It has a nice vibe.

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First of all, nice job! I think the theme is really well done and it has a sleek modern look to it. The signs look really clean too. The bar has no stools with kind of confused me though. Adding on to that the table design could be better. Making it glass might work with the modern theme. Another thing, the roof is CanCollide false for some reason.
Overall quite a nice build.

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I really like it! Good job! From what I can see from this image, I feel like there should be some things outside. Otherwise, good job.

You might not be able to tell from the picture but there’s a city outside. It’s very subtle on purpose.

Is this one of those vibe cafes? If so, maybe add more purple/blue lighting.

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Even more than I already added?

Yeah, maybe make your yellowish lights have purple and blue hints. Yellow lights aren’t the most common in a vibe cafe kinda game.

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You should definetly add like a backroom with the “Staff Only” text on it at the bar. And also probably some shelves behind the bar with lots of drinks, which will make it seem more realistic.

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I see, however I feel as if there should be more. That is just what I think. Great job!

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