Feedback on my camera system

Hello everyone,

over the last few days I decided to update my cameras testing place since it was old, a bit buggy and had ugly looking ui. I’ve recently added some features inspired from games like SCP:SL and FNaF which I used to play a lot during my childhood.

This is probably one of my most refined projects even though it was completed in relatively short time and done entirely from scratch.

Please test the game for yourself and give back feedback and comments below

Example gameplay

Simple, click camera button, if it is active and not being used then it will connect then press disconnect to return back to yourself or press another camera to switch to it. There is also a list of options in the bottom left (currently only contains a light toggle) with a keybind.

How the map GUI works

You may notice when testing, that the map displays the camera at seemingly random positions, this is wrong. The cameras are placed relative to the place at which they appear in the map at a bird eyes view.

This works by finding the furtherest away camera from the centre and setting that as the extents. Then taking away the position to find the offset at which the camera lies. then divide the X and Z coords to get the position to be placed in the UI.

This is a terrible explanation, and tbh the map was the hardest bit for me to work out, took a lot of guessing but finally came to me in the middle of school.

It works, I swear.

How camera movement works

The camera uses a HingeConstraint to move left to right, and allows the client control over the body part just for quick easy replication. Luckily HingeConstraints also make checks on the server to make sure that the part stays in place (althought this can be buggy) so not much to worry about exploiters moving the part.

Thanks for reading!


Needs a little polish, but looks great. Keep up the good work! :+1: