Feedback on my car

Hello, I just made a car but I want to improve it.

What have I tried?
I tried changing the color, interior, tail lights(to some custom ones, who weren’t good)

So, I request as much feedback as possible. Thanks.

Touka-Chan#0444 if you need to contact.


Btw, It looks really good!
-Possibly, make sure the bottom of the car doesn’t touch the ground.
-Maybe make the wheels thicker.

This looks like the wheels are barely touching because of how low the car is, make the car a bit higher.

I can’t tell from the angle, but it looks like the tire has no actual rims. Maybe add those?

Thats because of the car culture that Im in, Stance. Also, it’s a drift car.

It has, its because I like those kinds of rim.

Add wheel camber to make it look more a drift car and also a spoiler because it’s useful for drifting in real life, hope I could help byee.

It has a spoiler, small, but has.
The rear wheel has camber.

Looks good! Maybe move the car suspension up a bit?

Ok I can’t see on my crappy low power mode settings if this is a GTR R31 or R32 but I like it for the most part. But I have listed some of my opinions take what you wish! :grin:

  • No text on front windshield
  • Add some sponsors
  • Made a rocket body or other type of wide body Kit
  • Stance it if you do a body kit lo

Also if you could provide more photos then the front in the original post that would be great! Thanks from John!

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