Feedback on my Castle Hall

So i tried to make a castle hall, but i still think theres something missing in this build, but i dont know what it is!

this is my first time doing realism style build lol.

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I suggest torches on the walls and chandeliers from the roof. Image how dark this place is going to be at night. In addition, the wealthy loved to portray their wealth so I would add some armour stands, painting or even mosaics somewhere.

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For a castle, this place is far too large and airy. Try not to make your builds too big or else it will detract from finer details.

Here is an example of a castle room that can be done without being so large. As you can see, specific details stand out a lot more. The location is more homely and therefore relatable, which makes it feel like much more than just a Roblox place.

Try not to make everything the same colour or it will soon look bland. This ruins the castle effect; castles are built of many types of stones – some quarried, some stolen from even ruined castles! It is therefore best to show some roughness and imperfection in the build to make it convincing. For my build above, I have used a texture for large bricks to show this.

Lastly, your walls are too thin; castle walls are typically built from very large bricks which makes them thick. To insulate heat, they also have a gravel-like mass of smaller stones inside which your build would lack the room for.


Thanks, the theories really helped me! i will try again, and hope that it will turned out good.
how did you texture the pillar? did you use TextureId in MeshPart or the Texture Object from Roblox?

I put textures on every face of the mesh. The pillars are just cylinders lol. Transparent textures with concrete or slate underneath help make places look a lot more realistic. :slight_smile: I always find the ‘Brick’ material too grainy, for want of a better word.

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