Feedback on my Cave (what could I add, what price....)

Hello people of the internet! Today, I want your feedback on my recently created cave, that utilizes the new grass-system, that Roblox introduced a couple of days ago. I kinda want to add more points of interest to it but I can’t think of any ideas. I’m also planning on selling this map so an estimated price would be helpful too. :smiley:


Looks good.
Suggestions :

  1. Maybe some moss on the caves walls? That’s what I’d personally do.
  2. Maybe another mushroom with a darker shade and different size?
  3. Of course different colored tree would help too.

Otherwise very pleasing build, when I saw it I got excited.


Wow, I absolutely love about how stunning your cave is! I have one suggestion, maybe you could add some fish into the water, It would be an overwhelming view by just looking at this sight of the cave alone and seeing tiny sea creatures roaming around in the water. About the trees, maybe you can recolor them and make it have different shades of green as well. You still did a good job though! :+1::+1::+1:


Looks really good! Maybe add different materials on the rocks, like slate.
The lighting is amazing! I would say around 10K robux.

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What’s the purpose of this map? If there isn’t any purpose than there’s no point in purchasing the map, while a potential buyer could alter the map’s design it shouldn’t be obligated of them to do so. i.e if the map is intended for a PVP than the design should have the essentials for a PVP game.

Good question. This map could potentially be used in an adventure / MMO / RPG type of game. Many people use the DevForum so I think someone could actually need it. I mainly do this for my portfolio tbh. :smiley:

Than you should include an entrance for the adventure to enter, separating parts of the map to host bosses would be beneficial as well. You must always plan out a map’s design before finalizing the product to be distributed on the market. Nobody will purchase it if it isn’t relevant to their case.

Love it!

I love the models and the quality in this cave, I love this style of fantasy and etc.
My advice would be to change the lighting a bit.

Personally I think that it should be sold over 7,000 robux.

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That’s right! Will add an entrance and boss area now!

Added an entrance, exit and a boss area.


Boss zones typically have flashy designs, presently it’s rather bland.


I would like to not only focus on the MMO genre. If someone buys this, I’ll customize it depending on their needs. (Will write that in the Asset-Selling-Post too)

Cave looks great, mushrooms look the same though so you should either make some brighter or darker and/or changing colors as well would be good.


It’s really attractive, but I would recommend having a smudge more particles and add some moss to it, but, you forgot a very important aspect of a cave: stalactites and stalagmites. I would sell this map for an easy 5k, but with improvements, it could go as far as 8k

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Oo, your cave looks absolutely beautiful!
I noticed how you’ve added crystals, which is great. In my opinion, adding a few white or green crystals will look pretty great as well.
Another thing you could add is a waterfall as most caves have a water system.

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ll change the color of the crystals a bit. Oh and I actually have 2 waterfalls already in there, they’re just a little hard to see :smiley:

Your cave looks great,
You could add more detail in your cave by adding some things like crystals, ores or waterfalls.
Basiclly any small thing can make a big chance on the look of your cave so I would suggest to Just experiment with multiple stuff.

After you found some extra things you could add in your cave I would charge around 1k R$.

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Maybe more of a vine I found personally that moss doesn’t look all that amazing on walls.

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This cave is really mesmerizing! I love the lighting and the overall feel to it. Just an opinion, would you consider adding a hole above to allow sunlight to come in as an effect?

Thanks for your feedback! I already have 2 holes above and parts that look like volumetric light. (You can kinda see it on the left side of the first image)