Feedback on my Cemetery

I would like you to express your opinion, any feedback will be appreciated by me .

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Cemetery UPDATE :

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I am confused in why there is a cinema in the cemetery but overall the detail is nice and has a nice style to it


it is not a cinema, it is a classroom and it is not part of the construction of the Cemetery, it is another creation.
thank you for the words !

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Looks nice. Is an unusual take on cemeteries, though it could be ideal in the right context. I like your attention to lighting. Keep up the good work!


This is a unique art style. But the classroom doesn’t look like a normal classroom, is it somewhat a futuristic classroom?

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thanks for these words, I will be back immediately with an update to the cemetery

It’s a bespoke class, for a client, I have no idea, but she gave me a sketch and I went after her.

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UPDATE CEMETERY NOW ! Terrain and fog :grin:

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