Feedback on my chart obby

I have been working on a chart obby for the last day and I would like your opinion on it. I have been trying to improve by building as I am mostly a scripter.


It have no decoration.
Just because its a chart obby doesn’t mean it have to be the same as ones that’s in 2010.
Good luck

This is a warning.
Do not add any donation GUI or free admin. All the players are tired of that stuff bloating the screen.

And, don’t add “Reach the ending for a suprise!!!” either.

If you don’t, in terms of a game idea I think it might be good but every other game doing that might make it look bad, since people will have a stereotype about an obby game.

I have been in DCO community for more than Year so i dont really see much difference between this and other basic DCO’s so if you could make your game being Different than them i would respect it

I hate the fact that manyyy people started making Dcos like its a trend

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Something I would recommend

  • Do not mess up the screen with GUIs, I played a terrible DCO with gamepass GUIs all over, half the screen was full of them, skip stage, gravity coil, like what the heck.

  • If you do utilize some GUIs, do not block the sides where the jump button and joystick are, you WILL get a high amount of dislikes from mobile players, and from me too

Thanks for reading :happy2:

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