Feedback on my Church Build

Feedback on my Church Build

Please give honest feedback in the comments below


Interior looks nice but the exterior doors don’t look like doors. I suggest changing the color of the exterior doors or add some details to it to make it look like a door like a door frame and door knob.

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Thank you alot for you opinion!
The Church was based off of the St. Joseph Shrine in St. Louis Missouri

The interior was just my own random design.


Beautiful! Reminds me of some of the churches here in Chicago. I would recommend doing something with the ceiling to make it look a bit more ornate.

Great job!

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Actually i plan on building Holy Name Cathedral in downtown chicago. Recently went up to Milwaukee and plan on building some of there churches as well.


This is really cool just add coloring and try giving the chars and the inside walls a little detail. and try putting lights inside so it looks more like a Church maybe just like this one
overall its perfect Good job

It looks really nice. But personally I would add better textures.