Feedback on my cinematic showcase


I made this cinematic from my game ‘Parking Lot’, which I made within a day. I used it to test out the future lighting on cars and the ground with realistic materials.

Here’s the cinematic video of it.

The Camaro, the Silvia and the Cybertruck are made by me in blender, except the Mercedes-Benz model that was mainly used to show off its shiny car paint.

I’m open for any feedback.


That looks amazing! The textures and lighting are really nice. Keep up the amazing work!

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It looks really nice! I would fix the Z-Fighting though. It makes it hard to look at in some cases. Also I would go inside the humanoid of your avatar and turn off the username showing above. Other than that, great job dude!

Pretty dope, though you might want to union all of the floors, as currently, the textures on the ground are clipping, also the reflection off of those pillars are weird, they’re supposed to be concrete, not glass.

Thanks. Now we gotta wait until Roblox includes reflections on surfaces somehow

@Infuriashon Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.
@TD_PIayz Thanks. I’ll do that for my future projects when I get the chance as well as fixing the materials.