Feedback on my city game (Part 2.5)

Hello again! This is an update on Robloxia, my attempt to make a game solo. Although it’s still not finished, I’ve made a lot of progress since the original post.

Robloxia is simply a place where you can roleplay, explore, or hang out with friends. It’s modeled after classic Roblox games and typical American towns/cities.

I need your feedback/suggestions! Be honest and feel free to ask questions!

Other information
  • Performance varies, but no lag on my devices!

  • Everything is subject to change.

  • There will be a lore and many easter eggs around the map.

  • All wood grain is proper.

  • No Blender, sorry. I use CSG V3, HD Admin/Nanoblox, developer modules, PBR, and stravant’s geometry tools.

  • I’ll open source some things because exploiters would steal them anyway.