Feedback on my city game

I recently released a new update to my game called Noobington City and would like to share some photos. Please give me feedback.


Absolutely Beautiful, I would love the see the whole map at night.


Looks amazing, but a small detail on the road is that when the intersection happens there are no curves, instead its just a square.

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Yes, I definitely need to change that. Thanks for feedback.

Personally, I think the map looks better during the day, however, I will send some photos from the night.


That’s absolutely amazing. I can see you are a very advanced builder. I consider myself as an amateur builder. Could you give me some advice?

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I think you should look for inspiration in buildings/objects from real world, games or movies (for example my game is based on GTA 5 and real world locations)

You should also plan what your map will look like (for example by drawing the map in Paint)

Try to use many materials and experiment with colors.

Fill the empty space with various decorations (stones, trees, grass, etc.)

If you want to make a low poly terrain but don’t want it to be flat, use the low poly terrain plugin. I personally use Atrazine’s Terrain Plugin.

I hope I helped

Here is the link to the plugin:

Atrazine’s Terrain Plugin V2 - Creator Marketplace (

Nice map

what is the game about?

Sorry for the late reply.

This game is similar to Jailbreak. Criminals rob banks, shops, etc.
And the police have to stop them. For now, the game is in Beta, but I’m trying to add new features and fix bugs.

Message me on discord please I’d like to discuss something with you if possible, you’ll be able to find my username mentioned below as with a link to my user/profile. :+1:

ROBLOX User: TacticalCodyy