Feedback on my city map

I’ve worked on this map for a while and I want peoples opinions.

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This city map seems very spacious and basic. Some of the buildings don’t even have windows either like the hospital.

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Try finding references to base your buildings off of, as most of them seem plain and basic. And are missing key aspects that make them unique.
  • Change the material of the road to concrete, as the road looks off-putting. Adding some yellow line tape could help too.
  • Add other assets to fill in the space, such as trees, streets lights and other things you may have in mind.
  • Stick with the type of build you want to make, as you have a mix of terrain and normal blocks for the grass which seems odd.

Otherwise, great work! So far I think it’s in favor for a 5.5, as it’s missing key elements that really make it stand out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice job man! I like it! its really awesome at how you used terrain. I can’t do anything with terrain.

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Thank you this helps a lot. I will keep this in mind.

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