Feedback on my "Classic style" cargo truck

I made this truck to fit in with the old “classic” theme of ROBLOX. It is meant for players to raid it when it passes down the map to grab some nice goodies. I’d like some opinions from other people of how the truck itself looks.


It looks great as a classic themed truck! Although I do not have any concerns with the car overall, I would add some studs or materials that aren’t plastic or smooth-plastic.

Overall it’s a great build, and I would give it some appreciation to it! Nice job. :happy3:


It looks impressive and the way you made your cargo truck really makes it really similar to its real life counterpart.

I also really recommend this model to be applied to an old roblox based game

Looks great, really reminds me of those old purple spawning vehicles from those town of robloxia copy-paste games (in a good way). I don’t see any room for improvement if you don’t want to go that low, otherwise:

  • Remove the neon material to other materials, old vehicles doesn’t really have those back then since it was released much later.
  • Reduce the quality of the wheels to just a basic cylinder, clearly way too high quality from the rest of the vehicle.

Hmm that is true. I joined like 2016 so I’m like the Apoc Rising era kinda guy. I think I’ll keep the neon, just because it’s a light and I kinda want to keep that feeling it is there.

Honestly not bad for the old classic theme of Roblox. I would suggest using some of the baseplate material more though, as almost everything back in 2006-2010 had some baseplate material on them.

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I’m probably not the best person to give feedback, as I build in a more realistic fashion, but I think you should change the rails to blocks to better fit the classic building style.

Looks really good! I don’t have many suggestions. Keep it up! I can already imagine you making a classic-style-themed game.

I think it’s great. Just add the old roblox material texture and you’ll be good to go!

I see a large request is that I use studs in some parts of the truck.
I think I’ll do that.

Well, since most of it is a union and I need to keep it simple for the scripts, I decided to add some crates in the back to add some more of that classic feel.

I think that is a fair compromise.

That looks great! One problem I have with it is how some of the boxes look like they are connecting, moving them apart might make it look better.