Feedback on my classic-style swordfighting game!

Hey everyone, I’ve currently working on a swordfighting game along with @em_eveo and would like to get some feedback on the game and any suggestions. Thanks!

Here are some in game screenshots of the map:


Very nice. I can’t really pick out any faults with this; it’s a game I’d definitely play myself if it gained enough popularity.


The game is very nice, there are no faults as said above. But I have a few suggestions, a different soundtrack because the track now sounds like some candy land or obby type of a game. Also, you need more swords, maybe try modeling some in Blender where each one has a different skin and tactical advantage. I would also change up the UI instead of just the classic leader board and toolbox. Hope this feedback helps!


Wow I really love the map! The ground is nicely colored with the objects around it, the trees are pink like the sky, I love the colors. Definitely would play.(And not because of the map) :slight_smile:


you got some flying grass haha (I think I saw others problems too. Also the swords gui would be better if things were organised by kills. You have the bloxy at the end even tho it’s the less expensive for example

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The game looks great! Sadly, there is no one to play with. :worried:

Also there is a dummy here. Not sure if its meant to be there!
Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 18.21.46

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Lol! The dummy was there just as a size reference, send me a message and il be happy to play with you!

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