Feedback on my clothing

Focus Shirt
So, I made a post in the past about some feedback, and considered taking that with me now (Note for some reason I can’t tell if anyone else can but the sleeves look off a bit.)

Please consider to put some feedback below, thank you!


Your design looks pretty decent, but there are a few things that can be changed and or improved.

While evaluating the sleeves I noticed that they appear to be a different shade than the torso. I also feel that it would look better if the sleeves were much thinner. Shading us recommend, but is completely up to you!

Other than those things you’ve done great.

theres no shading on the shirt, the text is kinda plain, the half circle near the neck shouldn’t be there, otherwise it would look ok. Keep improving! you’ll get somewhere!

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I’d agree with the others that gave feedback. For future purposes, remember to watermark your clothing in a way that actually covers the clothing material. Overall, this is a great start.

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It seems too simple. It needs texture, and it seems to be very straightforward and plain.

I forgot to note that the look I was going for was minimal but still thank you for everyone’s feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

minimal is great, you can achieve minimalism with simple text but I’m trying to say that the text could be a bit different imo, because its a little too skinny so maybe something a bit thicker to fill the white void. Everything else is good though

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Hi! I’m not sure whether you were trying to create a top that styled as cut off at the top but if you were going for that I recommend you maybe take out the neck-hole, it looks a bit unrealistic. But either way, I love it so far!

Here’s some links if you’d like to improve on your clothing:

How to Shade Roblox Clothing | TANK TOPS | Easy 2020 - YouTube

Keep designing and best of luck!

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It’s maybe a little inappropriate for some ages since some skin are shown, but overall it’s look very good.

its not inappropriate lol
if you really think some skin showing is bad, then go to church and advocate for modesty, a little skin wont add anything to things that are already happening in the community lol


You’re designs are pretty decent there’s no shading and wrinkles on the design which lows down the quality. I’d suggest watching speed art when it comes to clothing over tutorials and watch videos from icyella or any other top designers.