Feedback On My Clothing

Hi, I am Ethano78 and I would like some feedback from you!


I really need you help on what I should improve on.
I really appreciate the time you had reading this!

Thank you!


They look good as a starting point, but you should work on your shading.


I find it hard to view as the watermark is so visible.
Perhaps making it more transparent will allow a better view of your details but still meeting the safety needs.


Those look great! Are you drawing these yourself?

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Kind of hard to look at with the bold watermarks on there but I’ll try my best to give feedback from what I can see.
First off on a positive note overall it does look well as a starting point, but I did notice some things when i took a deep look at the clothing that I’ll point out (this is hopefully wont be too long, incase it is too long i made the main parts bold…)

  • The neckholes for the clothing, specifically comparing clothing 3 and clothing 1 are inconsistent; the first neckhole on the first piece is way better than the third one but I’m assuming you did the flannel part first for clothing #3 and wanted to cram the entire neckhole in. Neckholes should normally be around this size shown below regardless, It’s okay if you cant get the entire circle showing since the jacket is supposedly covering the shirt.

  • For clothing # 2 one main thing that I’ve noticed is that the flannel jacket part at the back curves down way too drastically; it should sort of flow around the torso; I drew a blue outline on how I would personally make it curve on the back side of the torso to make it look like it flows more

  • I dont know what this is supposed to be and It’s hard to decipher on whether or not this template is for shirt or pants because it looks like they’re both smashed together; image
    If it is a shirt, you would want the sleeves to be striped since that is what is on top… unless they’re like arm warmers; if they’re pants then I highly recommend adding bottoms to the shorts

  • something else for clothing # 4 you might want to only add the triangle parts for tank tops at the front for future reference for reasons…

  • this is for specifically jackets since 3/4 of the clothing include them; If you add jacket material at the sides for the bottom of the torso make sure you do it for the back part of the bottom of the torso as well!

  • you can also cut off the jacket entire around this line and shorter if you want it to be short and have the bottom part of the torso to just be whatever is under it

  • Dont be afraid to add in minor details in clothing such as collars, seams, and buttons on clothing

  • Also try to play with shading + lighting, it really makes your stuff ‘pop’ if done correctly, sometimes for shading using a darker color of the shirt is way better than using black!

hopefully this helps out a bunch~


Yep, they are by myself. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, I will take you suggestion!

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking the same thing, so I might try shading with warmer, or colder colors. But yet again, thanks!

I can’t undo the watermarks sadly, but I will add more clothing that has less visible watermark. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, wonderful! I honestly see nothing that could change in the way you style them, keep up the great effort! :slight_smile: :heart:

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Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it!