FeedBack on my Codes System

Hey! I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my code system that ive made

Thanks for reading and checking out my creation!


Looks great so far! One thing I can point out is that the exit button is a bit too far off.


What about the redeeming part (Where it yields for a few seconds while “redeeming”)? Is that yield rational or artificial?

Thanks for the feedback!
I will keep that in mind!

Its artificial i just added it to give it a nice little touch

Yeah, my pure advise is to not use artificial delay, it will introduce impatient mood swings into your clients and they will begin to leave

not really, it just lasts around 1 second

You should probably center your GUI (you can do this by setting the anchor-point and position halfway).

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Perform an ABTest on your users and see how many leave from test A and test B

Thanks for the feedback, I will keep that in mind!

My feedback is: don’t implement delay where it is not needed.

When I performed an A/B Test from this I found that on test B (Delayed test), users were 15% more likely to leave, give up or stop using that delayed service after multiple times of getting delayed in it, and that delay was 1 second. So choose wisely

I will keep that in mind! Thanks for your feedback again

You didn’t even target that reply towards me, so how should I know that you want me to stop talking?

Well i was just asking for feedback on my system.

And i did target it towards you