Feedback on my combat game base I am building

So I am currently building a game called Roblox Combat Game, and I am wondering what you think of the bases involved in the game.
How It Works: There are 4 teams, each one has its own base. You can buy items from the store, from guns to hammers to exploding pressure tanks, and battle each other.

Game Link: Roblox Combat Game - Roblox. Note that the base is being made in a different world, so the actual game will not have the base in it yet.
Pictures are below. More will be coming soon.
NOTE: The base is currently unfinished, so some lights/walls/items may be missing.

Front wall

Inside of front wall (The grey bars above the doors were supposed to be yellow/black striped, but the asset broke

The main room on level 1, with the armory to the right

The storage room where supplies such as Energy Charges are kept

The area where the tank is parked

Training area, as well as an outdoor overhang

Exterior view (how could I forget this one)

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Just so you know, this is what the old base used to look like:

It is:
Unconventionally Assembled (models with Welds, patched together with WeldConstraints)
Not Secure (what good is the perimeter wall if there are no security doors)

There will eventually be more stuff on the roof such as antennas and lookouts/turrets/shooting holes

I like them! Just curious, how do you get the currency for the shop? Do you buy it or earn it per round.

Good question. You earn currency (Comcoins) by defeating other players. It can be 15, 20, or 30 per kill.

Oh, and there are crates filled with Comcoins hidden around the map