Feedback on my combat system


more showcase:


bumping this

anyone interested to see a guy’s work?

  • The sword doesn’t seem to make a hit sound if you damage someone from the back while they’re holding a shield, which is a bit strange.
  • I think the bow should do a lot more damage, otherwise it’s probably going to become obsolete in favour of the sword except in specific circumstances.
  • This isn’t as necessary, but I think it would be cool if you could perform more actions with the sword instead of just the two-way horizontal slash. What about a thrust or an overhead slash? What if you could use the sword to block some attacks like a makeshift shield?

Other than that, it looks clean.

  • fixed
  • the more time you charge it, the more damage it does (max 54)
  • this combat system is supposed to go towards my upcoming rpg game, which includes different materials, the most powerful one is titanium, which adds special abilities to weapons, im planning to add an uppercut attack for axes, and double arrows for bows and stuff


also i didn’t mention this but the sword actually has four animations, only two are playing because I had a shield equipped

Why is the bow backwards??? That is not in the slightest bit how a bow works.

This is how a bow works:

And Why is the shield curved outwards??? In a combat situation that would catch the opponents weapon instead of diflecting it, hence shields usually look like this:
These Legionairy’s are holding the Roman Scutum, a large rectangular shield that was very curved as you can see.
This is an English royal shield, still curved, but in the opposite direction from how yours is curved.

Other than that I think it looks good, nice animations and such.

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thanks bud you really do care about the details, since you are aiming on a realistic view
will do the changes

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