Feedback on my commission sheet/website

HEY EVERYONE!! I have just created my new commission website where you can hire me. I just wanted some feedback from other people so i know its good for the internet.
here is the link-
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :sweat_smile: :wink:

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Can be made better @ELECTRONOVA101

Here, take a look at my portfolio:

Yes, it’s made in Wixsite just like you did. But I made it when I was using my alt account. I will not say that my alt’s Wixsite portfolio is perfect because sometimes, it’s hard for mobile users to see the content even when you change things for mobile view… that’s a drawback.


First of all, your renders should have the same watermark like others, and make sure that you add a “Gallery” & upload your arts in it… Or it will look clumsy. Also, edit “Mobile” view for people who are using mobile.

Second, the background is kinda bright & is very hard to read text… You might wanna change your site background.

Here’s my latest portfolio:

it’s simple, & easy to edit in a website called “carrd”!


:memo: - Exotic


Thank you for your reply @ExoticDev_66 ! I will do your recommendations.

Bit of feedback…

  • Readability is poor, white curly text on a full color background is hard to read. Try looking into some font pairings, and changing up the background to not have the image throughout every single page.
  • Lots of little grammatical/formatting errors.
  • On your art page, I think a solid color background with all of your images on it would be better. Then your eyes don’t have a seizure trying to process everything going on.

I think that these things will make your website more professional and attract more buyers. Perhaps consider a portfolio here on devforum.



Alright, I like the concept of the website and how everything is organized. But please make your fonts more fitting and appropriate. For example, the fonts are too hard to read and should be properly format and printed.

I also recommend making your website stick to a theme. For example, if you’re looking for a more optimistic look, try colors like white, yellow, etc. Even white on it’s own is still good. If you’re wanting a more professional look, try sticking to a more dark theme.

Overall, your idea is good but it doesn’t appeal to something when a bunch of stuff is put around and things don’t match together. Stick to something and be consistent in your website, that way your customers will know who you are and what type of person they’re working with.

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Sorry for replying so late but when I clicked the link why did I run into a 404 error?