Feedback on my concept/story for my horror game?

Hello! I am a young and relatively new developer, so please pardon if I make any mistakes with logic, grammar, etc.

I am currently working on a project, currently named “Silence”. This game will be a horror/stealth game, and I visualize some mechanics being inspired by the “Assassin’s Creed” series, where there will be multiple alert levels, which would slightly change the behavior of the NPC.
Also, some element to the story will not be shared here because I want the players to experience/figure out parts of the story.

The player would play as an inventor that is attempting to make a scientific breakthrough by creating the first artificial human. As a celebration, the inventor would go on vacation for a few days. However, while this is happening, trouble brews. Someone, who I won’t disclose the name of for the sake of the story story, edits what the human’s properties will be when it is fully formed. Later, the inventor would come home to see the one who manipulated the human enter his house, and the inventor follows him in. Here stealth will be introduced to the player, which relies on light levels, NPC view, and noise, which will likely be associated with weather the player is crouching or not, and distractions that can be triggered by the player.

That’s all I have written for my ideas. I want my game to be unique and exciting, so please leave suggestions below if you have any. Nothing to do with the story is inspired by anything, so if you have an idea for that, please reply with your idea and I might add it!

Thanks for devoting your time to read this insanely long idea for a game!



Well I’d play this kind of game. I am kind of tired now so I have no ideas. I’ll bookmark the topic to send you ideas if they come. Keep up the good work!!!


Sounds great! Doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve heard of which is pretty difficult nowadays, the vacation part is a little strange, I think it would be more likely for this inventor to maybe try and sell this breakthrough or attend interviews about it (unless it’s a private project). Not sure why that part stuck out to me lol.

What would stop me from crouching throughout the entire game if you say all game mechanics are related to that function? If you don’t have a solution to that perhaps there should be an energy bar for it cause squatting while moving would be very straining, especially for a scrawny scientist.

I assume no one replied because there’s not much to say other than saying that it sounds good, or your post got drowned out which always sucks. Good luck with your epic game, young dev.


Sorry im late lol

An incentive to not crouch all the time would be either if the NPC detects you, so you may have to run to a point that is out of view for a bit, and find a hiding spot so the NPC “loses” you, or if it would be worth raising the alert level to run and hide so you wouldn’t be fully seen and chased. The second one would definitely become strategy when there are more characters looking for you, because running would cause even more commotion.

There will be energy for running, but it probably won’t be very long, like 5 seconds or something. That way there would probably be a chance at saving your run, but still encourages stealth.

As for the vacation part, I’ll have to think. I want the appearance of the first antagonist too be a bit sudden, because I have learned that kind of setting can make a game more scary.

Thanks for the review though!


Ok. Came back to give some ideas. What about adding a feature where the scientist will have a slingshot or something that will throw an item to distract NPCs.

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Also for the horror theme style game you want maybe add Robot NPCs that wont be distracted easily and that if they find you they jumpscare you and killing you or alerting other NPCs (robots or not).

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For the slingshot, I feel like that could be a good idea for a pick-upable item, but not as something the player will always have. The slingshot could allow the player to launch items like bottles farther, maybe knock out an NPC temporarily.

For the other NPCs, I have thought of some not having a weapon, but you being seen by one would alert the other NPCs who do have a weapon.

Thanks for the ideas!


No problem. Do whatever you want. Remember IT’S YOUR GAME and you do whatever you think is correct.