Feedback on my Corrupted style GFX


I hit 100 followers on Twitter today!! So I revamped my old GFX instead of making a new one because I have exams :< But nvm, I hope you guys like it :3


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Theres nothing i could do to change it


Its honestly amazing! I wouldn’t change anything if i were you

It looks pretty good, although there is a lot to look at. I like the background and also the code on the left side of the screen, as (in my opinion) it looks good with the picture behind it. On the right side though, (also in my opinion), the text and barcode clashes to much with the picture and gives the image a more cluttered feel. Maybe improve the right side of the image. That is my only suggestion, other than that it looks great!

One question though, why did you add in all you’re information and donation pages? This category is to showcase your work, not for people to donate or follow you on other platforms.

The portal looks like a No Man’s Sky portal


i have no words now NO WORDS

Looks absolute awesome! But in my opinion, The barcode doesn’t match the background and the GFX so much. But still looks great!

Looks really cool! The one thing I think I would’ve changed is blending the text in a bit more (right now it looks a little bit like someone’s computer crashed while the image was saving)

Perhaps try using a mask on the text and having a gradial fade towards the edges of the image, as well as lowering the transparency to approx 70%?

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