Feedback on my Crystal Orbs Columns

I’m working on a game that looks like Inside out, but different. This is one of the props.
These usually come in big columns like this:



I don’t really understand what you’r trying to do ? Why not add more explaination ?

Also if you can send a screenshort only with one ball it can be good.

Have a good day!


Sorry I was a little rushed into making the post.

I was working on a game inspired by inside out. So I created a Model that looks like the memory orbs from inside out. They go through tube and fall into the shelves like this one.
How can I improve?

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I’ve watched the movie myself and as per what was mentioned about the shelves, why not add those shelves?

the movie was kind of eh imo :confused: but dont let that discourage you from developing

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Now I think about it, instead of shelves they could be tubes surrounding each column. That is a great idea.