Feedback on my current project game (Any help is apreciated )

Good day fellow robloxians,

I am currently working on a new game called Nyctophilia (not finished). The point of the game is simple,you either have the choice to hanghout and “vibe” or you can explore the game and find its many secrets. I am not sure if this game will apeal to many people but none the less I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and tricks as to improve my game.

Any help/feedback is apreciated

Link to the game :


I favorited it so I can check it out when I have time, but so far from the thumbnails it looks amazing!


I think your game looks awesome. It’s so mellow and beautiful.

However, on the bottom - right corner of the screen, the “music” and the “Kohl’s admin” are right on top of each other, which makes it a little hard to turn on/off the music, so maybe moving the music button would be better?

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Didint even notice. I will change the location of the music button.

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Not bad, the builds are decently good to be honest. Keep up the good work

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o.o that is so realistic it is trippy!

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