Feedback on my custom avatar rig

For the past year, I’ve been developing a custom avatar that I’ve made and refined in blender. I have been working on it for so long that I have become accustomed to how it looks, thus I feel the need for a second opinion.

Screenshot%20(382) Screenshot%20(383)

It supports most Roblox catalog clothing and accessories, but my main concern is seeing that there is nothing too blatantly off or uncanny about the body design in general.

(The hands are intentionally low-polyish for technical reasons.)


Not bad at all, but I think you should make the arms move a bit more when running.


Omg it’s so cute and beautiful, i think it should be a bit shorter but still a very nice job.

Great work I would love too see more. :medal_sports:

Looks very good! However I do believe the legs are too big and as User_Aleatorio said it’d look better if it was shorter.

It looks great to me, do what you like.

The custom avatar rig looks amazing.

Thank you all for the feedback.

Regarding leg size:

The legs are scalable, however having a default reference would be nice. What percentage appeals to you the most?

Looks good, I like the time and detail spent into this. Although I think you should also make the arms move a little more, when running. 90% appeals the best to me.

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80 looks pretty good IMO. Sorry for replying late!

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