Feedback on my custom GUI icons (Update)

Hi, an update on my menu GUI 2 days later, made some progress on the custom icons. Any first thoughts/impressions on my first time on the design icons, I think they’re really good but very time consuming. I’ll probably end up replacing the ‘Job Icon’ since it doesn’t match the simplistic look from the other icons. I’ve also noticed the ‘Quit Button’ is a tiny bit farther away from the options icon. Other than that I also need a name that could go over the icon buttons, not too sure what the label for it should be, any suggestions? Also is there anything I could add or any suggestions for the GUI? Thanks.


The icons are very good, but I’d suggest adding more color to them. Rather than just having plain old white and gray as shading. To me, it looks similar to bloxburgs icons. But I actually like them a lot, very well job on these icons.

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These are great. However, you almost exactly replicated Bloxburg’s user interface:

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 8.13.10 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 8.13.04 PM

I like the style you created, but you should employ it in a unique way that doesn’t plagiarize other developers’ work.


It looks very well made in my opinion, but i prefer the one on top because it gives a more cartoony vibe (for me).

Im also confused to why theres a quit button, theres already an X at the top right corner :thinking:

not me who made the quit button appear

Here’s what I’d fix:

  • Move the version to top right or top left.
  • Text match the icon color or vice versa
  • Personally I’d recolor them all
  • If you recolor them make it a soft version of a color so It’s not over powerful
  • Maybe like a neutral color like blue

@MegaTheMagnificent use UIListlayouts for positioning buttons perfectly.

use it and edit it if you like to

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I really like the design you went for, it looks pretty nice.
As @v_e said, it really does look like Bloxburg’s user interface, so I am guessing that you took some of the ideas from that game.

Maybe you could try adding some colours to the icons, like possibly a different colour for each one.



Thanks, I’d use the gradient but I don’t know if’d go well with the shadow that’s below the button. I’ve made adjustments last night and dragged the menu icons to the left side, thanks for the idea though!

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To be honest my direct inspiration wasn’t from Bloxburg though it was something I kept in mind while making the menu.


I think this looks great. I think It looks cleaner than bloxburg, keep up the good work. :+1:

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