Feedback on my Dark Matter Render - Blender

Dark Matter :eyes:

Hey Devs! I’ve made a cool Dark Matter render!! It’s kind of satisfying… the making of the model. Hope you guys like it :tongue:

Feedback is appreciated!!


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Cool, im intrested weather youll use this for a game or weather its just a render that you made for fun?

Well, I’ll be using it for PFP’s background n stuff… trying something different!!

I’m bored of those plain colour backgrounds and 2D effects so yeah…

Oh, I also made this post: Feedback on my Fractal Render - Blender - #3 by ExoticDev_66

I’ll be using this Fractal for PFP’s and for other stuff as well!! ^^

Does this mean that you’re open to cooperations and commissions?

Yeah, I do commissions…! char limit

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does not look like dark matter,but it does look cool!

Huh!? Nvm, I’m happy that you liked it :happy2:

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Bro I love this. That texture with the purple highlights is just. Amazing work as always keep it up!

Aha! Thank you so much!! Yeah, my mom loves the colour Purple so I changed the colour of the sphere inside the mesh to Purple…

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I mean, nobody knows what it actually looks like, but I agree. Looks like some slime in a mesh bag. Not to say it isn’t good, for OP I would suggest making the black not reflect light at all, like musou black paint, and make the purple inside have some variation in the texture.

yeah, it just kinda looks like a normal shape for some reason