Feedback on my dark tunnel

i would like your opinion on my dark tunnel i worked on for 30 minutes
dark tunnel

  • i like it
  • i think you can do better

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Both of the answers above to be honest. I like it, but I think you can do better. Have you tried a more circular shape? Since it’s a tunnel after all. It is really cool though!


Perhaps he’s still learning how to use the studio. It’s a great start, but yeah your right, it could use some work.

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Much work to be done, but it’s a good start.

Good build if your more of a beginner i think it looks a bit to plain looking here is some feedback that you could take if ever needed i would suggest the following:

The empty, tunnel looks a little un detailed i would recommend putting more time into making it look better and then ask for feedback on how can i make it better? I normally see tunnels feature a bunch of vegetation hidden in a dark creepy forest if that’s what your trying to approach with moss, trees, or normal cracks within the walls.

The tunnel should have more detail it looks somewhat odd looking since they lead into a dark area, and not a square looking tunnel. Image below.

The thing looks a bit basic, I’d add that you can see a bit inside and oh god, you should really add lighting :wink:

im still learning to build and i have a windows 8 computer and dont know if it can run blender

There should be one. It’s even allowed in Window 7 so why not 8?

i closed the poll becuase everyone keeps saying i can do better and i dont like that

i worked 30 minutes on that and im still learning to build and you dont like my work

The point of feedback is so that you can learn from it and do better. You gain literally nothing by making a poll like this then closing it when people think that you can do better. If you’re going to do that instead of using a feedback thread constructively like it’s intended, you probably just shouldn’t have even made the thread if you can’t handle it.


i know they are giving me feedback but im still learning to build and i have a windows 8 computer and i dont know if it can run blender

i do know how to texture and in a few minutes im going to make a post about the custom dominus i made
so i hope you guys like that