Feedback on my dashing game!

Heya, DevForum! I was working on my dashing demo game more with a team of 2 friends that I recently formed, and we managed to push an update to the demo-game-radical-thingy.

I’ve been working on this for a while (few weeks now, I think?) and I think so far it’s going very well!
I worked on a box you can pick up (currently still needs tweaking), I added NPCs you can talk to and even stars you collect that save whether or not you’ve picked them up!

Here’s a couple videos, one of them you may have seen before but I thought I’d thought I throw it in regardless:


Some things still need tweaking, I think. Especially GUIs and the way the “you got a star!” GUI appears. I’m still learning how to do certain things. :slight_smile:

If you want to play it and give me feedback then you can do so HERE.
Thank you!


This looks good I like the map and the GUI. My only feedback is you should try having the character hold the box in-front of them instead of on their head. It would also look a lot better if there was some sort of putting down and picking up animation.

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I completely agree with the box feedback. I’m still trying to find ways of animating the player when they pick up the box, carry it around and put it down (the pick-up and put-down stuff I think I know how to do), so it may or may not take a bit of time.

Thank you for your feedback!

Animate the box pickup, holding on top of head, and throwing down. Doing this will make your game dashing.

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Glad to see an update on this project!

First off, really liking the direction the game is going. Looks good, and some cool mechanics. I think things like the jumpboost will really add flare to the game, the more environment mechanics you can do the cooler this game will get.

Functionally speaking, I’m finding the dash a bit hard to control. Two instances where I’m having difficulty; performing it backwards (e.g. jumping off a truss for one of the challenges) and controlling landing. The first one is more niche and honestly I’m not sure how you’d easily fix it. The second is more significant; I realize carrying the momentum is important for jumping big gaps. Maybe you could make it so when the player touches the ground after a dash it increases their friction or kills momentum then? I could just be bad, but I was absolutely flying off the platforms when trying to do the challenges.

Looking good though overall, great work :slight_smile: