Feedback on my death gui

Hello! I’ve recently created a death system that occurs when you die and it tells you what you died to and tips to avoid the death from happening again. Just note that I’m not fully done with the system and I want your honest opinion on what I have created so far.

Here is the clip of me dying to sauce:

I accept any criticism! Just take note of what I said before giving your honest thoughts!

[SOUND WARNING! This is very loud! I suggest muting the video]


It looks like you’re going for a “Doors” type of death effect?

Maybe add a glimpse of the character falling to the ground as the screen fades? You should also play around with the fonts, as in my opinion, it doesn’t fit a death GUI.


I do think it is a little too loud. If you are going for a jumpscare effect, then make it a little less loud.


alright! btw its just the sauce thats loud.

im completely deaf now, i completely agree with @ft4eare

lol i think i should put a sound warning

This GUI looks very good! The sound is too loud though, I understand it’s on purpose, but it’s unattractive to players and may annoy them; causing them to not ever play the game knowing that the sound is very loud when they die in it.

so you must of used something like

local label = Location

local gui = Location
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Humanoid = player.Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

gui.enabled = true
label.Text = You Died
(size thing)
label.Visible = true
(Size thing)
label.visible = false

etc… Im too lazy to finish this