Feedback on my Depth Of Field build?

Hello! So I decided to play around with the new DepthOfField effect! Can I get some feedback on it?

(yes I know the tress are free models).


I’ve moved this to Cool Creations since you’re looking for general feedback.


Looks great! It looks like it would be a great desktop background to be honest. Maybe you could add rocks in the river though with particles to showcase a rapids? Then you could make more complex models such as a cabin with a campfire emitting smoke in the distance to make it more like a photographers image. Nice though.

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I would add more to it.
It seems too empty…

Can suggest something for me to add?

Thanks! Do you think maybe a deer or something would fit in?

It’s a very nice picture. Though we can see the limitations of the forest and this would be unrealistic without something after the forest. Well its difficult to explain, but you should add more things in the background because we can guess that after the trees, there is nothing. If you don’t understand, then let me know and I will try to explain it in another way.
Otherwise, you could add some effect in the water and some builds other than trees.

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This is a little smooth terrain and free model trees… I don’t really know what to critique :frowning:

Thanks! I’ll add some mountains or something.

general feedback, what I should add or remove from the build.

Not really, but you can add other nature things such as leaves, sticks, rocks, hills in the background, and maybe some a tribal look to it.

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Yeah, some Mountains in the background will do the job. Also, there is so many things you could think of adding, like a bridge, some fish and a fishing roads near the river, some animals, different type of trees, etc…

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Like some animals, and m e because I am me.

Ah, yeah I get what you mean, by “tribal” do you mean like huts and stuff?

Like, add spears into the ground, tiki poles, log holders, something you would find in a tribe in America during the early 1700’s.

The lighting part of this place, and the terrain looks amazing for a pretty good attempt. Overall I would like to give a few suggestions that you could add you could take this however you like.

A simple suggestion I would recommend adding is possibly a bridge going over the water something like that could work. As well it would be better if you add minor vegetation objects around the terrain and water, such as plants, variety of trees, rocks, leaves, lily pads, weeds and more for. The water or on the terrain that would add a little realistic environment for the whole scene or even some hills or mountains try to create elevation of the terrain, instead of the terrain being all flat however if you’re going for that I’ll ignore that suggestion.

Maybe add some particles for the water if you feel like adding that as well, you could try doing some effect tests, to see which one adds a little bit of realism. Overall, it’s a good build.

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What would make this image pop is mountains in the background.

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It’s empty but still looks great! Haha even with the free models it looks pretty good. With the right builds you manage I’m sure you can make this 10x better. Impressive work so far!

Wow the lighting is insane! Well done. Maybe make it a park and add benches, rides etc.

Looks very nice. Very clean and realistic. Very nice lighting and good realism in the graphics. The lighting makes the build very much better.