Feedback on my devforum twitter bot

Hello, recently I’ve been working on this twitter bot which basically just notifies you of new devforum posts whenever they’re created. It’s useful for stuff like solution grinding where you need to find new topics in order to get solutions or just to see new update threads. I know this is a builtin feature with the devforum but I mainly did this to test out making twitter bots and I’d like some feedback on it!

Example of a new post:


thanks in advance!


To be quite honest not a massive fan of this. Mainly cuz I don’t like people who solution grind to be quite honest.

Also I don’t see much point to this when you can just view the new tab. Twitter bot however if your learning how to use the DevFourm API stuff and the twitter API.

I could see this being useful but only for like when an official announcement is made to let people who don’t use the DevFourm know about updates.


Honestly speaking…
I don’t understand why this is useful…


Great bot, but…

I just want to put this out there:

The DevForum is not a game. It is a place where Roblox Developers can get help when in need.

Don’t treat the DevForum as if Profile Statistics are the only thing that matters.

If you’re helping people simply to increase your solution count, you have the wrong intentions.