Feedback on my Difficulty Chart Obby (60 Stages)

Heyo! Soaring back at it again, with ANOTHER DCO, A difficulty chart slowly progresses in difficulty, there are currently only a few difficultys, as the game was made in around 2 days, I am working on new stages and difficulties as we speak. Please give me any feedback, on bugs, suggestions to make it better, and more! We also have a group, so join that if you want!!/about

Keep in mind that this game is VERY Beta, being made in 2 days, not rushed though, its my usual pace, but it might have some bugs, and it is only 60 stages, and takes less than 30 minutes for an intermediate obbyist to beat. New stages are being made as we speak. Thanks for reading, please leave a reply with your feedback!
Also I make DCO’s for fun, Ive always liked the idea of having a platform to share my creativity on.


Its pretty good, maybe try making a theme.

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A theme, what do you mean by that? and we are also rebranding everything and changing colors of every stage

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like a jungle theme or something like that.

I dont like doing that, I have done that before with one of my games, and people didnt like how i executed the style, I thought about that for sure, but there are 2 games like that out there, and not many games use my style of building, which is an outline on everything with a darker color. I like that style and so do all of the people who play my game

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