Feedback on my difficulty chart obby

This is an difficulty obby (An obby which goes harder and harder) which I created, Tell me your feedback or what I can improve here!

Game Link -

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So, I like the obby a lot but maybe turn off global shadows in lighting.

Hey nice obby cart! Here is somethings I’d add. (sorry of lack of grammar im so tired)

  • I’d remove the Neon/Shadow things
  • Also as a dev product I’d make skip stage

But overall an amazing obby.

Sample Photos

Honest opinion here, photos above for reference. (Got to stage 74)

  • The amount of neon is to be frank, disgusting. I know the wording is kind of mean but it is the truth.
  • Every single checkpoint is un-centered
  • The difficult curve is so slow in the beginning, I breezed through it and it was boring.
  • The whole obby just looks unappealing.

My advice is to look at others DCO like Poly’s DCO, I find this one to be really great. It has a nice looking tutorial level and the difficulty curve is solid enough to be challenging as you go.

On the other hand I did see some unique obby ideas, such as jumping on the center of the death spinner, I thought that was pretty cool.

Sorry if this was a little mean or critical, I hope you keep going and make something great. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll try turning of that now!

I have a soft spot when it comes to Obby charts. This one is defiantly a good one and I would probably play. But first I would fix those cars because they seem to be standing on ice and some Z fighting here and there. other than that I think its fun.

Thank you for your opinion! The car is a free model because I couldn’t script a car before. But I think the cars are okay because that’s also a part of my game.

Remove the neon spawn and check points. I know its just me, but my eyes are very sensitive to bright lights. The neon spawns look like big kill bricks, so I avoided them until realizing they weren’t. The cars are also pretty broken, as they sometimes just swerve off or suddenly disappear when trying to spawn them in.

Added the product as you requested!

I feel I have seen these everywhere. Maybe be a bit more original. But it’s well built so good job on that.

This is a great obby. I really do like how you added the car bit in it. One thing personally I’d change is the neon especially at night it really does hurt your eyes. But great game!

(i use my alt for dev forms)