Feedback on my "Earth Throne"?

Hey there ! I’ve been building on ROBLOX Studio for around 4 months or so and I recently created this throne made out of stone and rocky materials and called it “Earth Throne”. I would like some professional feedback from builders with experience or just opinions and suggestions ! Any kind of feedback is welcome ! :+1:

Here are some images :

Thank you for your time .


It looks good! I think it would look better if the fire was a different color.

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Oh wow. I love the amount of creativity on this and it really earns its name. So often we’re given the idea of elegant, regal thrones but this takes it away. I can imagine some sort of cruel underground villain sitting on it. :slight_smile:

Two problems – both the sphere and the fire seem out of place and I feel as though they detract from the whole aesthetic. The sphere because it’s just so… perfect on an imperfect throne. The fire because it doesn’t even have a source.

Cool build and keep up the good work!


Thank you for the feedback ! Yeah your probably right about the fire and the sphere . I can make the sphere a bit damaged with some unions maybe that’ll work ! And about the fire I’ll figure out !! Good ideas ! Thank you ! :+1:

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Thank you for the feedback ! And yeah maybe .

It looks like my gaming chair.

I love it <3

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Lol thank you ! Much appreciated .

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it looks alright, i would personally add a bit more polish in the form of “wrapping” the parts with rope;

my main complaint however are these horrible filters on your posts every time… why?

I don’t use filters ? It’s just the roblox studio lightning . I mess up with it when I post a model…

This throne looks amazing. It gives off a very tribal vibe. I agree with Coldshot_Dev, it would look better if the fire was a deep red or orange.

Looks very good!! The sphere on the left arm rest looks a little odd though, maybe try downsizing it?
The fire could be a different color too.