Feedback on my Electronica Music💽

TrueHarmony - ExoticDev _66

My first attempt on making a song!! It comes under Electronic category… Hope you guys like it :3


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Did you say first!? This was amazing! Can’t wait to see more music from you! Super impressed

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first?!!?? DUDE THIS IS AMAZING keep up the good work

Really impressive and good. Keep up the word.

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First off, I am jealous for this being your first piece of music lol.

Anyhow, the intro is very nice. The lead synth you come in is… kind of ruining the vibe. It hits way too hard and comes out of nowhere, it feels like more of a fill-in synth until you made the final one.

The main synth also repeats a little too much (0:37-1:32). The notes in the synth also aren’t very pleasing to listen to, it seems like it has no real direction to it.

Part B (1:38-1:56) also finds itself repeating a little too much. 1:57 is a nice tie in back to theme A though. The coda/end (2:18-2:41) is very nice and holds true to how the whole piece started. A fitting end.

The pulse is very nice though. It stays very consistent with a nice forward moving feeling to it.

Other than than some nitpicking, good job!


Wow, if this is your first piece of music, you are don’t on the right track. I do not want to hear my projects from 3 years ago;-;

The melody and chords are really catchy. The introduction and break are VERYYY ambient which is good and fills in many empty spaces. The main lead comes in abruptly so you can maybe add a transition? Your choice of instruments is spot on and everything flows into each other. It gets really repetitive as the “drop” happens until you have the arps. Add some variation to the first part so it isn’t that boring. But WOW, this is amazing!

AnimalBot99 gave you relly good feedback too.