Feedback on my Excape game

I just finished a little game. Well here it is.

Well, this game is inspired by an episode and a mini game. Well here it is.
This game was inspired by an episode of “Phineas and Ferb” that was amazing childhood.
The current game is quite sketchy, but it is soon more interesting.
The game is a combination of wisdom, simplicity and a little obby (probably the future to come).
It looks like I’ve forgotten the background music, I’ll definitely add it soon.
Will this game be successful?
Thanks for all the great suggestions! :grin:

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Cool!!! :heart:

But yeah, Thank you for reading this. have a nice day! :happy3:

There are multiple ways to exist right?

Well idk why the strone and wood item dont work. Or im just too derp how to use them

but overall good

Nice work, I would recommend using less free models and polishing the game up a bit.

~ Here are some ideas to make the game feel better:

  • Replace the gray box [pickup/use item] with a button that says “Use” or “Take” depending on the instance. :hammer:

  • Add some music! :musical_note:

  • Use your own builds instead of free-models!

  • Make the GUI more centered, I would recommend using this tool

The idea for the game is good but it needs more maps and more interesting puzzles.

I know. I am trying to do that. On the other hand I don’t choose many maps, but just make it relatively large. The puzzles take quite a while.By next Sunday maybe I can add 3.4 new ways to escape.

I adjusted Gui using both offset and scale. But really thanks. Previously I was able to drag and drop only 1 property, I have also enabled the alwayTop property to make it easier to interact.