Feedback on my fan game

Hello people of this Roblox world. Koneko’s birthday is at 18th of December, an I’ve been watching his content from a long time. Please feel free to test my place out and point out any bugs or any suggestions you want to add thanks!
KonekoKitten’s Plaza - Roblox

Edit: I fixed the lag problem


Pretty well made for a fangame, but I don’t know if it is just me, but I think something is REALLY lagging your game. I’ve got a very good computer, and I haven’t had such bad lag since I got it.

Apart from that, the concept is very kind and original, it is also nice that you show off people’s fanart as well as complimenting the main attraction. Great job!
EDIT: The building is also pretty good. :slight_smile:


True, this is literally the laggiest game I’ve ever played on roblox.

I don’t know anything else, I left after like, 10 seconds because I was moving at approximately 1 stud every 3 seconds…


Yeah, I got my PC in February this year. I have literally never actually lagged much on it until now.


@ZOMBEIVEroblox @Chilled_Seal
Oh lol I’m sorry for that I’m fixing it now.


Just built a new PC and can’t even get pasted the first part at 15fps :sweat_smile:


@Ser4x and everyone else I fixed the lag problem


Looks cool, has a nice feeling to it!

But some parts… scare me…



I just visited, I like the vibes in the game where we would share our love to KonekoKitten’s content, but you kinda destroy it at start btw.

First off, I wish there was like one of those loading UI elements in there, because when I went in there it was all white and black for some reason, but then it teleports me to the plaza you were talking about. In it, the builds are pretty good, but I can see that it loads up the plaza, like loading up the custom fonts, and the rigs of konekokitten himself

Yea you should fix that…


Now without the lag, it’s great!

It’s a well made game, good job.
Though I have a question. What are you going to do with the incomplete doors, and what exactly are tickets for?

Looking forward to see more added!


Oh yea and that, the tickets part, is anyone working as the ticket seller at the tickets area?


Sure I’m planning to add one. Since meshes don’t load up fast.

I think your ui loading idea is a solution!

:+1: I’ll fix it asap!

I’m planning on making minigames in my games. Tickets would be used as some sort of currency in my game. For what? Unlocking certain parts of the map ect.

I’m not planning on a ticket seller. I’m thinking of players collecting it by different activity, but yes the ticket seller will be a pay to win currency situation since I have no ideas, but tickets will only be unlocking certain parts for example.