Feedback on my fantasy showcase

I’m working on a new showcase and here’s what I’ve made so far.

I also scripted the crystals to light up at night and stop lighting up at sunrise.

Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks! :happy2:

Edit: 08/27/20
Made some more progress. I made a waterfall (video).


The outside part of the map is pretty empty, you should add more trees or any other decoration. About the cave, you can make it more realistic by adding some decorations in there too, like rocks or wooden planks that as a support. The crystals are all the same in size, you could add smaller ones and maybe even make combinations of 2 or 3 crystals in the same spot. There are also too many crystals in that cave.


Hello there,
The map terrain that you make are looking great but the one I afraid to tell you was the crystal. The Crystal, however, is too bright and not glow on on the cave that you make. so to make your crystal much good was put a “PointLight” and also “Bloom in the Lightning section”. To reduce the Neon Color on your Crystal was put “Bloom on the lightning section” so that the cave dont get too bright.

Now let focus on the lightning on your game. the background of your picture is too dark and I prefer you use the new lightning-like Future is Bright: Phase 3 - Studio Beta So the map that you created right now cant be too dark for a player. if you wanna make good lightning on your game was make your “Outdoor Ambient to… 0,0,0 and the shadow softness you can make to Just 0.5 or 1”. anyway I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you next time