Future Is Bright: Phase 3 - Studio Beta

It’s been a while but Future Is Bright project is coming to its logical end. Phase 3 has been actively developed for quite some time but we are ready to start Studio Beta to share the current progress. This isn’t final so expect things to change. Phase 3 is all about pixel perfect local lights (Spot, Point and Surface) and shadows (shadows for Surface lights are not gonna be supported this time).

So here’s the main changes:

Remember that if you publish your game right now, the changes won’t be visible for your players since the change is Studio-only for now. We want to be sure that everything works perfectly before final release; be sure to let us know about any problems you encounter.

Here are some screenshots with “Future is Bright” phase 3 enabled

To achieve best performance, per-pixel lighting distance depends on the current quality level and on platforms/devices that don’t support it would fallback to ShadowMap (or Voxel if ShadowMap is not supported). Also note, that shadowed point lights are much more expensive than shadowed spot lights. This beta will be enabled for DX11, Vulkan and Metal.

Unlike other lighting modes Future does proper specular highlights for local lights so the material choice is more important than ever.

UPD 07/09/2020
some of the things that are being asked for but not part of fib3

  • make light radius larger than 60. this has many internal implications that are not part of fib3. we’re thinking how to improve this, but not as part of this update.
  • autoexposure is not part of fib3, will be shipping it separately
  • surface light shadows. not planned as part of fib3 but we’re working on a solution for that
  • some surfaces are too glossy. this can be addressed either by changing the material or in near future by using SurfaceAppearance and customizing textures

few fixes went live with this update, here’s what’s fixed and had landed to production

  • narrow surface/spot lights looked broken
  • a potential crash when changing light parameters
  • local lights didn’t affect grass at all
  • surface guis lighting and fogging looked bad with fib3

what is fixed but hasn’t been shipped yet

  • spot light didn’t cast shadows through the parts they are attached to
  • light leaking through surfaces. although this is super hard to solve fully, it’s been substantially improved
  • shadows not being updated sometimes
  • weird shadow artifacts. this is hard to fully address but the artifacts were significantly reduced

we’re also looking into chaging the falloff of lights and also trying to better match overall shape and brightness of voxel and fib3 lights. we’ll update the post when next batch of fixes comes live

UPD 07/20/2020
some of the fixes that went live with this update

  • spot light didn’t cast shadows through the parts they are attached to
  • light leaking through surfaces. although this is super hard to solve fully, it’s been substantially improved
  • shadows not being updated sometimes
  • weird shadow artifacts. this is hard to fully address but the artifacts were significantly reduced

we’re currently investigating options for light falloff and better matching of voxel and per-pixel lights so that quality level transition is as smooth as possible. we’ve also decided to re-add surface lights shadows though they aren’t technically correct but better than nothing. performance is also been investigated. we’re super excited to see what community was already able to achieve with fib3 and looking forward to see new amazing places!

UPD 10/29/2020
it’s been a while, we’re working really hard to ship fib3 this year, here’s the list of what was recently fixed/added

  • surface light shadows. this can be somewhat fragile given how limited resolution of shadowmap is and how big the lights can be. and the shadows themselves are kinda hacky. but it’s better than nothing. let us know what you think!
  • various performance optimizations, including shadowmap lods, light update throttling and some other little touches here and there. please note that some of those are also affecting Shadowmap mode, so we never stop optimizing things

there were probably more fixes/changes under the hood but the bottom line is we’re getting ready to release this on clients. if you find something that is still broken/feels off/doesn’t work please either create a bug ticket and DM me or just DM me with the description of issue and steps to reproduce. Hopefully we can make it shine together! Thank you!


It looks so beautiful. The future truly is bright. :sun_with_face:

Like, just look at the local lights! No longer will we have to use this for testing, nor will we have to use the Roblox Studio Mod Manager by @CloneTrooper1019.

It’s so much more dynamic. Thank you Roblox!


Woah! Finally it’s out now, I have been waiting for this! Thank you, Roblox! :slight_smile:

Technology = ShadowMap

NEW: Technology = Future

I can see a nice different shadow around the trees now. :slight_smile:
Looks astonishing! :heart:


I’ve been eagerly waiting for this announcement ever since.

Now it’s finally here. :smiley:


Thank you! Im excited that it’s finally out! I’m going to try testing it out soon! :smiley:


I was already working in studio, time for a quick restart to check out this amazing new update.


WHAT?!?!! IT’S HERE? :open_mouth:

Enough of the excitement, this update is going to be great for showcases and maybe cool games that will use this feature in the future, and I will be using this for a future game. :eyes:

Going to test this out today and the rest of this week, thank you Roblox!

EDIT: Messed around with it in a template that Roblox gives, so here are some images!


bro this update wack, like if you agree


Great to see it’s finally out for beta! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.


The shadows seem pretty buggy, will this be improved in the future?


The jump of graphics each time a FiB phase is released is amazing. I can’t believe how much Roblox has changed ever since Future is Bright was first worked on! Props to the developer team for trying their hardest in order to push out this lighting system! :slightly_smiling_face:


we will investigate the issue, thank you


Finally! It’s out!

Future > ShadowMap > Voxel > Compatibility

This is way better than i expected, thank you guys for being awesome. Why wait for the “Future” when you can bring the “Future” now?
I will be enjoying this, looking at the shadows close up. (I am not weird okay?)

Keep up the good work guys! :roblox:


Police chase!

Amazing update as always!


Just a quick question.

Will darker/lighter/different shades of shadows be supported at some point?

Currently solid and semi-transparent parts have the exact same shadow, I was thinking, since transparent parts allow more light to pass through, it’d make more sense to give them a lighter shade shadow?


we have that in backlog, so maybe one day


Wooo hooo been waiting for this for a long time, PBR in main studio will make trying to build with it much easier. Looking forward to see games and showcases have it in game now. Hope it’s soon




Any plans for multi-layered/colored shadows? And I know this is a stretch, but… light shafts?


all we need now is custom pbr textures.