Feedback on my "FBI" GFX

Hello, I made an FBI gfx and I was looking for some feedback.


Overall it’s amazing but what I think is a bit off is that everything else looks shiny but the right side of the police car doesn’t have any much of “shine” to it.

Also would be nice if the sirens were a bit glowy.

Similar to how the headlights are glowing on the left side car of the image.

Either way, it looks amazing! I really love the quality! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is absolutely stunning!! Omg amazing work!! :smiley: It’s really good, but what I’d do to make it even better is at some more lighting. Like what @Avtixe said with the sirens. And since the scene is at night with a few lights, it would look good if the light reflected off objects. Like the blue sirens had some light reflecting off the dudes and cones. Really good job!! ^^


Looks so cool! This would take me forever to make. Keep up the good work pal

The only thing I have feedback-wise that hasn’t been stated is the shininess of the clothing.


try not to add so many colors make the fade not so visible like the FBI shirt as you can see its look weird its my opinion im not hurting your feelings but still great job

Like this?

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Yeah but a little more blurred and faded would do the job!
Something like this would be amazing!


i don’t know if it’s just me or does it look like it just needs some rain to it.

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Like that?

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Yeah, it did.


Amazing work :star_struck:

Also you could increase the roughness here , it kinda looks weird.

What do you mean by that? May you elaborate?

Looks great, but it’s kinda evident that the background is “clouds” filter from photoshop. Also the composition is a bit of a mess here.

It’s a good quality render, don’t get me wrong, but the editing is a little much. The colors look distorted and the fog is unnecessary. The camera angle isn’t the best, either.

Yeah, I agree. Fixed the editing a little. Hopefully, that helps it out.

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