Feedback on my fifth GFX creation?

Hello everyone! Scar here, so I’ve made a piece today because I had so much Inspiration in my head and I’ve decided to do so! :happy3:
Hope y’all like it!


This is really good for your 5th GFX, What game is this for?

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No game I do this as a hobby and mainly for gaining new experience in my designing journey. Personally would want to get on that professional level of blender editing :slight_smile:

nice, but your effects on the hand look very unrealistic and overlayed, and if you’re gonna have it be foggy like that, make the hair have more parts instead of low poly hair and have more aura around that too, and the scthe or whatever doesn’t look like a scythe, this background is a weird place, and there is clothing folds in the legs but not in the torso what happened there? and there some spots that are too bright compared to the rest. really nice

You’ve never saw a goku black form did you?

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no, i haven’t but also some of his hair is blackScreen Shot 2021-11-13 at 2.52.29 PM
but does the fact that i haven’t seen goku black form make my feedback not apply

He’s transforming that’s why his hair is slowly turning pink.

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ok, but i believe then the gradeitn should be better on it