Feedback on my Fireball-Magic Ability Script

Hey! I just made a Fireball Script. It took me about an hour.
Here is a video about it:

Tell me your opinions in the comments.


Camerashakes - Scripted by me, used EzCameraShakes
Fireball Model - From the Toolbox
Scripts (Local and Global + Remotes) - Made by me
Animation - Made by me


Right it’s good but next time make your own fire ball instead of the one in the toolbox but it looks good :+1::+1:

  • Sav

Well the thing is that I’m not a Builder, unfortunately. I pretty much only script and animate (which I’m not that good at).

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Ah right I mean if you need a hand I’m here

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But I can’t animate XD I’m a good builder but bad animater

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It shouldn’t be too hard. You can just have a glowing ball with some particle emitters.

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I would advise a few things. First, you should use raycasting not a bodyvelocity. This adds for a much more efficient hit detection. Secondly, you should add multiple animations and perhaps a stage of casting. For example, press button that triggers some bool values and allows you to “ready” the fireball for fire. They you would need to click to actually cast it. Lastly I would work on the particles. I advise practicing with blackscreen effects. It could be as easy as using to like morph a circle into an effect.

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