Feedback on my first animation

I made this animation last Sunday, I have been trying to get into animation for quite some time but it always turned out wrong. I finally finished this and was super happy with how it turned out, is there anything I can improve on?


I would make the recoil of the gun jerk his arm back more and make the man’s whole body turn to face the guy he is shooting. Also make it so he is not in an open stance, perhaps have the foot opposite the arm with the gun be closer to the guy who was shot. Overall, though, it’s a solid first animation, good work!


His movements are a little bit too slow, another thing you could do (optional) is add sound and particles (it was rather strange to not hear sound)
Anyways, great as a first animation!


This looks very good! I would make the animation faster, and add recoil to the gun when it shoots. Nice job on this!