Feedback on my first blender GFX?

I recently started playing around with a rig in blender and made my first GFX. Could I get some feedback on it and what I could improve? Thanks in advance.


Well it looks decent I will give it 5/10 but there is some stuffs you might need.
I suggest dumplicate the character layer in photoshop or what ever app you use, then blur the top layer and use mask so only the edges of the character is blured.
Add a shadow layer and paint the lower part of your art with black
image (This part for specific)
and modify the opacity until you feel like it’s enough
Than add another layer of light shining from the top of your character with the steps like above for the dark part.

Maybe go to youtube and get some graphic packs with particles? Those will make the art more completed and overall professional

That was your first? wow unbelievable that looks kinda sick. can’t wait to see more, keep it up!

Thanks! Though I have done GFX before using 3d view, this is just the first time I have user blender for it.

Looks very nice! Keep it up, and i love the smoke in the image also!